Who are we?

We a bunch of technology geeks who love what we do

We come from many background, some of us are from Finance professional, some from Business Information System specialist. But collectively we love problem solving and always striving for a better solution. We are constantly looking for better solutions, first for ourselves, then we can recommend it to our clients.

We firmly believe that we need to love the solutions we created before we are willing to deploy it to our clients. We also look to recommend most cost effective solution as we are small and nimble ourselves and likewise most of our SME client would want to maximize their ROI as well.


Business Network Solution

We have been providing IT business networking system since 1990

We have been consulting, designing and deploying business information network even at its infancy. From Novell (if you remember them then we applaud you - welcome to the club) to variance of Unix, to the very young Microsoft LANMAN networking solution.

We have work through the evolution of most of these solutions and seeing the success and failure (not the product but the competitive elimination) of many of these systems.

So we are well placed to advice our clients the best fit business network system.


Business and Financial Software

From Accounting to eCommerce

Some of our senior consultants have been consulting, assisting clients in selecting the best fit Financial software since 1988 From the archaic software running on DOS to the early evolvement of Windows applications. We have implemented software applications CBA, Nexus, Attache, Sybiz, Arrows to Great Plain Dynamics (now MS Dynamics) to ACCPAC (now Sage ERP300)

During this long journey, we have worked with clients from diverse industry type. From manufacturers to wholesalers. From distributors to retailers. From government departments to professional service providers. As such we are well placed to serve the many diverse client base.


Contact Us

T. +613 8595 3888 | E. [email protected]